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When you’re buying glasses online, don’t be fooled by all the Asian Fit eyeglasses that have suddenly become available; not all Asian Fit eyewear options offered online deliver the same level of quality or service … and many come with a weak or non-existent guarantee of satisfaction.


When considering whether to buy Asian Fit eyeglasses online, you first need to understand the real differences between Asian Fit eyeglasses and traditional eyewear options.  


For a long time, there was this assumption in the eyewear manufacturing industry that a “one size fits all” approach to eyeglass frame manufacturing was good enough for the United States market. Genetic differences in facial structure common to different ethnicities was not considered. Just think about the many faces you see throughout your day and it’s pretty obvious that this was not a smart assumption by eyewear makers.


Asian Fit eyewear has actually been available in Asian markets for centuries, but unfortunately, the word about Asian Fit eyewear is not getting out as quickly as you’d think it should, given the considerable population of people from Asian descent in the United States.  


Most eyeglasses you’ll find online and in optical stores still feature a traditional nose bridge and frames that curve in below the eyes. Traditional options simply don’t fit well on most Asian faces, which often have shallower nose bridges and higher cheekbones.  


Asian fit eyewear is designed with a decreased curvature and a more shallow nose bridge.  Asian fit frames don’t dig into your cheekbones like traditional frames, and they have longer nose pads and a modified bridge that keep your frames from sliding down and resting on your cheekbones. Bottom-line:  Asian Fit frames are far more comfortable to wear!


It's great that eyewear manufacturers are now making more Asian Fit eyewear options available. Unfortunately, the quality of Asian Fit eyeglasses available online varies greatly. That’s why you must do your homework before buying your prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses online.


Kaioptics offers Asian Fit eyeglasses and sunglasses that fit beautifully on the Asian face, while our selection and quality is second to none.   


Kaioptics eyeglasses give you choices that you won’t necessarily see from other online eyeglass providers, including:


  • Frame widths in narrow, medium and wide.  How many times have you gone into an optical store and tried on nearly every frame they offered and still not found the perfect eyeglass frame for you? Too many times to mention, right? That’s why Kaioptics offers a broad assortment of frames in all widths, so you can always find the frame that fits your face.

    • Practical and fashionable options for both women and men.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, you want glasses that make you look attractive, fit comfortably, and are priced appropriately. You’ll find that Kaioptics offers some of the most affordable options in Asian Fit eyewear that you’ll find anywhere … and you can always be assured that your glasses make you look your sharpest while being comfortable to wear all day long.

      • A wide variety of color options for both frames and lenses.  Yes, color!  Gold, grey, brown, black, khaki, blue, pink, tortoise, beige and glacier … you’ll find them all when you buy your glasses and sunglasses online at Kaioptics. Other online providers often have a much narrower collection of frames and lenses.

        • A variety of flattering shapes, including circle, round, square, and cat-eye.   Not all eyewear shapes look good on all people. You probably already know this. Nearly everyone at one time or another tries on sunglasses while shopping, only to quickly put the glasses back on the rack after thinking, “No, no, no! These are all wrong for me!”    We understand. You usually know what shapes look great on you and which ones you’d prefer to avoid. Whatever your needs, you’ll find a shape that flatters in Kaioptics’ wide selection of eyeglass frames.


        • Sight correction and non-sight correction options.  Need prescription eyeglasses?  We offer that. Looking for non-prescription glasses? We offer that, too, because whether you need a little help with your vision or your vision’s 20/20, we believe you deserve to look your best and our eyeglasses help you do just that.


        • Standard eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Kaioptics is your go-to place for all your eyewear needs. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll keep you fashionably on trend while helping you stretch your eyewear budget to the absolute max!


        • Looking to express your unique personality?  With all the options we offer in style, color, shape and more, your new eyeglasses will perfectly express your unique personality. So, go ahead and be serious … or playful … or mysterious … or intellectual.  Whatever look you’re going for, we’ll make sure you succeed!


        • Lens choices.  Kaioptics offers two types of lenses. Our most popular is our polycarbonate lenses, which are known for being thin, resilient, impact-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective and come with built-in UV filters. For those with strong prescriptions, we also offer high-index lenses.


        • Designer brands.   Do you prefer to wear the latest designer brands?  Kaioptics is proud to say that we work with the best eyewear designers and providers in the world to make sure you have access to the best-of-the-best in Asian Fit eyewear. We carry the latest styles from Asian Fit eyeglass designers, including Autre, Paul Hueman, Remona, Rieti, and Saint Luina.  


        Kaioptics Asian Fit eyeglasses and sunglasses offer unparalleled style and versatility. Our wide selection includes eyeglass and sunglass frames that come in a myriad of fashion choices. In fact, our frames are among the most sought-after by today’s most popular celebrities.


        You may have seen the beautiful South Korean actress, singer, and model Sun Yu-ri wear a pair of the Asian Fit sunglasses that we carry. She recently chose the PHS - 1070A frame, a beautiful functional frame that offers the perfect amount of uptown flair.  

        Sung Yuri wears Asian Fit sunglasses sold online by Kaioptics

        Or, perhaps you glimpsed South Korean singer Son Na-eun wearing the Soave frame that we carry at Kaioptics. It’s a great on-trend look for showing both your intelligent and sensitive side.  

        Son Na-eun wears Asian Fit eyeglasses sold online by Kaioptics

        South Korean actor and singer Choi Min Ho is wearing the Dolce sunglasses that we carry at Kaioptics. Imagine how many compliments you’d receive if you wore those the next time you stepped out for fun in the sun?

        Minho from Shinee wears Asian Fit sunglasses sold online by Kaioptics

        Kaioptics makes it easy to select the frames that help you express your unique personality and get the “wows” that make you feel great.  And, our online fit guide makes it easy to ensure that your Asian Fit eyeglasses fit you perfectly from day one!


        Some online eyewear providers will take your eyeglass order and then leave you hanging for weeks before you receive your order. That’s not how we work. It typically takes us about 1 to 3 days to process your order. You usually receive your non-prescription eyeglasses within 5 to 7 business days. Don’t worry, prescription eyeglass wearers, we also provide timely service for you, too. You’ll receive your single-vision prescription order within 7 to 10 business days.


        Finally, when buying eyeglasses online, you need to think about those extra charges that vendors tack on than can really add up. You’ve probably seen it before; some online shops nickel and dime you to death and the result is a final charge that can be up to double what you originally intended to spend.


        At Kaioptics, you always know what you’re paying upfront. Plus, we offer free shipping because we simply don’t believe in adding all those extra “gotcha” charges that other online stores try to sneak by you.


        We’re certain you’ll be happy with your selection and the quality we offer, but if for any reason you need to return your glasses, we’ll pay for your return shipping, too. In fact, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, you have a full 30 days to return it.  Your satisfaction is always 100 percent guaranteed!


        Yes, not all online eyeglass options for Asian Fit eyeglasses are the same. Don’t be fooled by low-quality, poor selection, and shoddy-service options.  If you want style, quality, great fit, and affordability, Kaioptics offers Asian Fit eyewear brands and options that are second to none.