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You want your Asian Fit eyeglasses to make you feel stylish and on-trend, but how do you select the perfect eyeglasses for your face shape?  It’s easier than you think, but it’s not as intuitive as you might think.

If you’re like most people, you’ve had the disappointing experience of falling in love with a pair of eyeglasses only to try them on and realize they simply don’t work for your face. It’s frustrating, but it’s a common experience … at least until now.  Once you know which frame shapes work best with your face shape, you’ll never go through the frustration of falling in love with the wrong eyeglass frames for you again!

Most people have no idea how to select the perfect frame for their unique face shape. That’s why so many of us struggle with finding the perfect glasses; we simply don’t understand how our face shape impacts the overall look we’re trying to accomplish.

When selecting your perfect pair of Asian Fit eyewear, it’s important to consider the shape of your face as well as the shape of the frames you’re considering.  There’s no point in buying a pair of eyeglasses that you only love on the shelf; you need to love them on your beautiful face!

Before we dig into finding the right frames for you,  you first need to decide which of the nine basic face shapes most accurately describes your face.  

What’s Your Face Shape

Illustration of 9 different face types

There are nine basic face shapes (these apply to both men and women).

  1. Oval - Slightly wide cheekbones with nearly symmetrical narrowing at the forehead and jawline.  

  1. Round -  Wide cheekbones and facial features that are rounded at the forehead and jawline.  

  1. Rectangle - Relatively straight angles along the full face, with very slight narrowing at the forehead and jawline.

  1. Diamond - Angular features that are wide at the cheekbones and quite narrow at both the chin and forehead.

  1. Inverted Triangle - Relatively wide forehead with slightly narrower cheekbones, and significantly narrower chin.   

  1. Triangle -  Relatively narrow forehead with slightly wider cheekbones, and significantly wider chin.   

  1. Oblong - The oblong face shape is very similar to oval-shaped faces, except that the forehead tends to be a bit wider and the chin a bit narrower on oblong-shaped faces.

  1. Square - Strong angular lines with the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline being similar in width, and the chin is relatively wide as well.

  1. Heart -  Very similar to the inverted triangle-shaped face, but with a slightly wider forehead, slightly narrower cheekbones, and a pointy chin.

Still Confused About Your Face Shape?

Here’s a secret that you won’t learn in any fashion or beauty magazine:  your face probably doesn’t match any one of these nine face shapes 100 percent.  That means your face may fit between two “face shape” categories.

If you look at your face and think “I’m not sure which shape best matches my face,” don’t worry. Pick the two shapes that best describe your face, and look for eyewear frames best suited to those shapes (we’ll get to those in a moment).

If you’re dying to get a handle on your basic face shape, though, here’s a suggestion: Cut out a piece of paper in the shape that you think fits you best and hold the paper cut-out up to your face. If your features mostly follow the shape you’ve cut out, then that’s your dominant face shape.

If you're still not sure, again, don’t worry; this is not an exact science.  You may be a blend of a couple of face shapes, which simply means you’ll have more frame options available to choose from that will look amazing on you.

Should I Just Choose Eyeglass Frames that Are the Same Shape as My Face?


You might think that you want to select eyewear that matches your face shape, for example, if you have a round face you may think you should choose round frames.  A better look, though, is to select frames that accentuate your best features and complement rather than mirror the shape of your face.

For example, square frames often look better on round faces than round frames.

There are some Asian Fit eyewear frames that look awesome on nearly every face shape … such as cat-eye looks.  

In general, always go with an eyeglass frame that complements your features. Here are our eyewear frame shape suggestions for each of the nine basic face shapes …

  1. Oval -  If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re extra lucky because nearly every eyeglass frame looks fantastic on you!  Rectangle and square frames are particularly flattering, though. You can even wear bold shapes (which not everyone can carry off!).

  1. Round -  Square, rectangle, and cat-eye frames are all excellent choices for you. You can pull off wide frames, too.  Steer clear of small frames and round frames.

  1. Rectangle - Because your face has somewhat strong angles, you want to choose a frame that softens those angles. Round/circle and cat-eye frames are perfect for you.

  1. Diamond - Round/circle glasses are your best bet, though cat-eye frames are also a stylish choice for you.  It’s best to go delicate and light on the frame, rather than heavy.

  1. Inverted Triangle - You look great in round/circle frames, rectangle frames, and cat-eye frames. Avoid square frames.

  1. Triangle -  Round/circle frames and cat-eye frames are awesome choices for you, and rectangle frames with a bit of curve at the corners are also a smart choice for you.

  1. Oblong - You have a ton of eyewear frame shape options that will look incredible on you. The only frames we recommend avoiding are heavy, over-sized frames.

  1. Square - Round/circle frames look amazing on you; steer clear of frames with straight angles. Cat-eye frames are also a stylish look for you.

  1. Heart -  Round/circle frames are particularly flattering, though you also look stunning in rectangle frames and cat-eye frames. Frames that are a smidge wider than your forehead are most attractive on you.

Let’s take a look at some specific frames in Kaioptics’ vast Asian Fit eyewear collection that will complement your face shape and guarantee you look both stylish and on-trend while helping you exude the fashion personality that you would like to project, whether that be serious, studious, creative, natural, care-free, or sexy!

Choose the Perfect Asian Fit Glasses for Your Face Shape

Circle/Round/Oval Frames

Suggested for the Following Face Shapes: Oval, Rectangle, Diamond, Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Oblong, Square, Heart

Translucent light brown color plastic round eyeglasses

The Musk Frame

The rounded features of the Musk frame draw attention upward which makes the Musk frame an excellent choice for nearly every face shape. They are particularly attractive for those who have strong angular facial features.

This frame comes in gold matte, black, purple matte, and pink.

Silver and blue circle eyeglasses with silver rims

The Marigold Frame

The Marigold Asian Fit frame by Autre does double duty: it’s both extremely stylish and exceptionally comfortable because it’s so lightweight.  This frame is available in three color choices: black glaze, khaki and blue.

Tortoise thin plastic round glasses with gold rims

The Agnes Frame

If you’re looking for a true circle Asian Fit eyewear frame, the Agnes is a fashionable choice.  The clean lines and perfectly round shape make the Agnes an on-trend frame for both men and women. Kaioptics offers this frame in grey, brown, and black.

Cat eye beige eyeglasses with gold rims

The Hamall II Frame

If keeping in step with high-fashion is imperative for you, you’ll be on trend with the Hamall II eyeglass frame.  Choose from lovely beige matt and black matte colors with gold accents.

Rectangle Frames

Suggested for the Following Face Shapes: Oval, Round, Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Oblong, Heart

Brown and rectangular light plastic glasses

The New String II Frame

The New String II frame is slimmer than its predecessor and is among Kaioptics most popular frames.  Clean and simple, this frame is offered in black, brown, and khaki.

Thin metal oval frame in black

The Ottone Frame

Looking for an ultra-thin, lightweight rectangle-shaped frame with slight curves that gives you a laid-back look?  The Ottone frame is ideal for you!  This alloy-rimmed Asian Fit frame comes in black.

Gunmetal thin metal rectangular eyeglasses

The Illuso Frame

The Illuso frame by Reiti is a thin, handcrafted Asian Fit eyewear frame made of lightweight metal and features comfortable temple ends and nose pads.  Offered in black, brown, and silver, these frames exude class and quiet sophistication.

Square Frames

Suggested for the Following Face Shapes:  Oval, Round, Oblong

Translucent grey and squarish plastic eyeglasses

The LF-5000A Frame

Show off your creative and carefree side in these square-framed eyeglasses. The LF-5000A frame is made of lightweight acetate complete with the Renoma logo.  Fun and functional, these frames come in grey and brown.

Tortoise square glasses with gold rims

The Vento Frame

The Vento square-shaped frame with soft curves projects class and simplicity while at the same time conveying a taste for high-end fashion. Order a pair of these Asian Fit eyeglasses in black and gold, or tortoise.

Brown square eyeglasses with gold rims

The RF-6103D Frame

If exceptional comfort with a hint of sophistication is important to you, then the RF-6103D square-shaped frame is an excellent choice for you. These Asian Fit eyeglass frames come in brown or black glaze.

Cat-Eye Frames

Suggested for the Following Face Shapes:  All Face Shapes

Brown cat eye glasses with gold rims

The Hamal IV Frame

If you love a cat-eye look, you’ll love the Hamal IV frame. These semi-rimless Asian Fit frames are the epitome of fashion-forward design and flatter nearly every face shape.  Choose from clear matte (very popular right now!) or brown matte.

If you’re looking for cat-eye style frames for your non-prescription sunglasses, Kaioptics has an exceptional collection of highly popular Asian Fit frames available.  Check them out now.

Still Debating Which Frames Will Look the Very Best for Your Face Shape?

Have you fallen in love with some of our frames here at Kaioptics?  Are you debating which frames you’ll love the most on you? We thought you might!

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