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From top designer style houses across the globe to celebrity photo shoots to fashion show catwalks, one thing is clear:  2019 is the year sunglasses are the “it” accessory for expressing your unique style and your personality. Even better, 2019 is the year that Asian Fit sunglasses take center stage; they are the one accessory you simply don’t leave home without!

Not that long ago, you had to settle for traditional sunglasses that were often extremely uncomfortable as they either pinched, dug into your cheeks, or slid down your nose. Asian Fit sunglasses, on the other hand, are designed to comfortably and securely stay put on your face.


You don’t have to choose between style and fit anymore. Asian Fit sunglasses come in so many styles and color options, you’re always able to create the perfect look for you.

Asian Fit sunglasses can help you express the vibe you want. Go bold, sexy, subtle, dramatic, hip, cool, chic, urban, uptown, glam, and more.

Popular trends in 2019 include updated aviators, cute cat-eye looks, and funky and chunky plastic frames. Tortoise shell, pinks and translucent looks are also hot, and not surprisingly, black frames are still a must for your eyewear collection this year.

Geometrically interesting looks have become favorites among even the most discerning fashionistas, including patterned, oversized square, mirror and round frames.

Eyewear is picking up on many of the queues from the fashion industry at large. Choosing a frame that can take you from work to the beach to a romantic dinner or a music festival isn’t always easy, that’s why there’s a huge trend towards owning multiple pairs of sunglasses, much like you have multiple shoes and handbags.

Ready to find the perfect sunglasses to rock this year?   

The hottest looks in Asian Fit sunglasses for 2019   


Blue round-shaped sunglasses with metal accents sold at Kaioptics

Laura - The Laura is a bold and flattering round-shaped frame with metal accents that comes in blue, black, and yellow. It blends a retro look with a fashion-forward edginess that is sure to flatter.  The Laura exudes a playful presence, which makes it perfect for festival fun, days at the beach, or just
hanging out with close friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Tortoise squarish-shaped sunglasses with gold accents and mirror lenses

Segreto - These sophisticated squarish-shaped frames with mirror lensesfrom Reiti offer stylishness that translates from Seoul to New York to London to Tokyo, and everywhere in between! The look is timeless yet trendy, which makes Segreto’s Asian Fit eyewear frame design a top pick for 2019. Choose from tortoise, black, or black mirror for a stunning, glamorous look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Tortoise cat-eye asian fit sunglasses sold online by Kaioptics


Abbagliante - The cat-eye look is one of 2019’s hottest and most flattering trends in Asian Fit sunglasses. The Abbagliante frame is on-trend with its clean angles and sharp contrasts. Choose from pink with mirrored lenses for an alluring feminine vibe, or tortoise shell with dark lenses for a seductive, jet-setting flair.


Grey metal sunglasses with round rims and a hint of cat-eye corners


Maris - The Maris gray-toned metal frame, with its rounded rims with a hint of cat-eye corners, is one of the most unique styles trending in 2019. Sleek and sophisticated, Maris Asian Fit sunglasses are both fierce and fab, and are a must for fashionistas who are ready to dazzle.

Tortoise thick-rimmed chunky sunglasses with mirrored lenses

Grande Mirror - Rieti’s Grande Mirror thick-rimmed, chunky, funky sunglasses are one of the boldest looks available in Asian Fit eyewear. These surprisingly lightweight frames exude a dramatic, audacious vibe, which is one of 2019’s hottest trends among celebrities.  Choose from either black or tortoise shell frames.

Tortoise circle-shaped sunglasses with gold rims sold online by Kaioptics

Hidden -  This circle-shaped frame style is a popular choice for actors, models, rock stars and other celebrities. Now you can make your own fashion mark on the world and showcase your personal style with the new Hidden round sunglasses from by Autre. This super-hot Asian Fit sunglasses frame comes in brown or black.


Girlish pink round sunglasses with steel-rimmed points

PHS-890A - The Girlish Pink Asian Fit sunglasses frame offers a hint of studiousness and a dash of feminine mystique, to create an alluring and subtly sexy look. A bit flirtatious, sweet, and playful all at once, the Girlish Pink frame with its steel-rimmed points is a must for the woman who wants to make 2019 her most stylish year yet.

Round aviator-style asian fit sunglasses with gold accents

Primrose -  A modified, rounded aviator-style frame, the Primrose Asian Fit sunglasses frame from Autre delivers a slim, flattering look while having the added benefit of being exceptionally comfortable to wear. Get the same look that top models rocked on 2019’s hottest fashion runways. For optimal versatility, this frame is available in gold matte, silver, black matte, and pink.

Square-shaped clear asian fit sunglasses sold by Kaioptics
Aron - Clear frames are definitely among the most fashionable looks for 2019.  The Aaron Asian Fit sunglasses frame from Autre will have your friends asking, “Where did you get those sunglasses!”  The square-shaped frame is constructed with lightweight acetate, a big plus for comfort. Not sure you’re ready to go clear? These stylish specs also come in brown, black, and blue.  

Orange sunglasses with rounded rims and square temple points

-  If you want to express originality and creativity in your look, consider the Juniper Asian Fit sunglasses frame from Autre. The rounded rims coupled with the  squared temple points make for an easy-breezy, playful, and creative look suitable for work or play. Choose from black or grey frames, or if you're ready to make a bold statement, opt for the Juniper frames in orange.

Once considered merely a functional item to block the sun’s rays, today’s sunglasses are more of a statement of who you are. There have never been so many different sunglasses frame options available, in so many different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.

Choosing the right Asian Fit sunglass frame can be a daunting task. You need a frame that works well with your face shape, your eyebrow line, your hair color, and your skin tone. For your best selection to meet all your needs, turn to Kaioptics, the leading source for buying Asian Fit sunglasses online.  

Kaioptics’ fashionable eyewear collection includes great choices in women’s frames, men’s frames, and unisex sunglasses frames. Even better, they are extremely budget friendly.

While we’ve been stressing fashion and style, don’t forget that sunglasses need to be functional as well. The ultimate test of a pair of sunglasses is will they effectively block out the sun’s harmful, eye-damaging and skin-damaging rays?  

2019 is definitely the year of Asian Fit sunglasses! Today’s fashionistas who are determined to stay on top of the latest trends demand style, comfort, fit, and variety when buying Asian Fit sunglasses online.  Kaioptics delivers on all counts!